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Packing Tips

Best Packing Tips for your Move

Have you already decided your moving date?

Have you hired your moving service?

Are sick of thinking about the lots of packing to do?

Don’t worry! We have got your back with some of our amazing and easy to implement packing tips.

These tips will make your packing so much easier that you will never feel stressful about it

First grab yourself a paper or pen or your laptop to make a to-do list. Start making the list of all the things you will not need during any of the days before moving. Add the garage stuff and storage room stuff first in the list and your gadgets last in the list.

Make sure to not only add the label for what is inside the box, but also to the room it belongs to. You certainly want your stuff exchanged with the storage room stuff. It will also help to keep the track of the boxes and unpacking easier.

Keep your all your essential stuff which will be needed from the very first day of moving in a separate box or hand carry. These essential items may include your clothes, medicines, toilet paper, towels, some cooking utensils and some cleaning items.

Make sure to pack your glassware and other heavy items separately as heavy items can damage the glass ware. Also, remember to mark the glassware box fragile and pack them with thermocol so that they don’t get any space to move.

Try to wrap all your stuff in plastic bags or zip locked bags, as it will keep the stuff from getting dusty. Also, pack the bottles having any sort of liquid with cling wraps to avoid any leakage issue.

It is extremely important to choose the right box size for your stuff. For instance, if you have few glassware items, you cannot keep them in a larger box, as it might get damage.

It will make your work easier if you keep the lighter boxes over the heavier ones. It will also make the chances of your items getting damage to almost zero.

Buy lots of tape as you will need it till the last day. We don’t mean to scare you but pack your essentials with the tape carefully and try to double the taping to avoid any kind of tampering. There are many people around you especially children curious to see “what’s inside” , therefore, pack your boxes with tape two times to avoid such curious people.

We know you will count the total number of boxes before moving. However, it would be more beneficial for you to take a final picture of your packed stuff, as it will help you to keep record of your stuff and their condition as well.

It would come a lot handy to you to pack your most needed items or you can say the most needed items right after moving are not lost in between the cartons. It will avoid any kind of hassle in your new place.

We know packing is tough and stressing. Yet, we suggest you to keep that packing list safe with you as you can easily share it with your loved ones in need. Still not in mood of packing? Call the Reliable Moving Company right now to get our packing and unpacking services.

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