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Also staff took care of furniture very well.

Highly recommended.

— Clietn Name J. —
Plano, TX

I want to open by saying I have had a bad history with using movers. I’ve had them break things, steal things, and generally be unhelpful. I was wary when looking for movers again; it’s taken me years to come back around.

I read a bunch of reviews and AM movers had some best ratings. What really stood out to me what how much people RAVED about their movers.; they posted pictures, and even remembered all their names!

I was moving from Dallas to Houston, and I was doing my research from Nashville. It was a bit stressful as the deadline approached, but AM was extremely up front and immediately sent me a flat rate quote. I tried to contact them to go over what I actually needed moved (they quoted me for a one bedroom apartment, but I was moving out of just one room in a house), and they were sending three movers which I thought might be too much (I didn’t want to waste their time/resources). Due to the deadline and not being able to reach anyone to talk about the flat rate, I went ahead and accepted the quote online. Someone quickly got in touch and we set the date in stone.

The day arrived and three guys pulled up to my driveway with a massive truck. Johnny, Tyson, and Frank were the BEST! They were extremely polite and found a way to call me ma’am in almost every exchange. Tyson was especially a big sweetheart.

From the time they arrived to the time they left, only 40 minutes passed – these guys work fast! They wrapped all my furniture up carefully and loaded it onto the truck efficiently. They went on their merry way to Houston where they met my roommate and unpacked my things. Even my roommate loved these guys! They were courteous and took direction easily when she gave them direction.

Just a small break down of how payment works. Most moving companies will take a deposit up front in order to set a date. AM didn’t do that. It almost made me nervous and I called multiple times to ensure they were still coming. They were very good about reassuring me, and routinely calling leading up to the time/date to reaffirm that they were coming. After they load your things into the truck, they take the first half of what was agreed, then charge the second half once they unload at the destination. AM was great about making an exception for me and charging my same card in Houston at the end (without me being there). There were no hidden fees, or surcharges – the flat rate was for real! They also included the cash tip I gave them on the invoice so now I can get reimbursed from my work, yay!

Overall I am EXTREMELY glad I chose AM. All my stuff arrived safely and undamaged. They were quick, made it to Houston right on time, and remained consistently positive. I was paranoid/anxious and these guys came through, exceeding my expectations. I am so incredibly thankful for this company and urge you to try them too! You won’t regret it!

— Tamtarr T. —
Pflugerville, TX

My fiancé and I are making an 800-mile move up towards Chicago for my new job…obviously stressed out like you wouldn’t believe. Our original long-distance-movers moving company backed out a day before the move! Can you believe that!? Reliable Moving company helped ease our heavy burden, scrambling around and dispatching a crew on Tuesday–then sending them out the next morning on Wednesday. Wow, is right!

— Zac S. —
Chicagoland, IL

They have the best atitude.

And Their work is Excellent and beyond! Ace my every requests. Leave no mess no fuss. I Would definitely recommend them again and again.

— Zac S. —
Chicagoland, IL

I was very pleased with the local move Reliable Moving Company provided. They arrived early, in a marked vehicle and labeled t-shirts, introduced themselves and moved things quickly and efficiently. One piece of feedback — I added a plastic wrap to my mattress and box spring. I noticed as they were packing it up that the plastic cover was falling off. It arrived without the plastic on it at all and I wish they would have taped it. Other than that, I was pleased with the service and pricing.

— Kristen C. —
Las Vegas, NV

Reliable moving company sent a fantastic patient team! The movers were professional, and pleasant to work with. There were a couple of areas that we weren’t as prepared as we should have been and they were incredibly patient and helpful. Good experience!

— Jerrie R. —
Dallas, TX

Gave me a 1-5pm window for them to show up. 5pm rolls around and I had to call them to get an update. They wouldn’t be showing up at all and couldn’t reschedule until the next week. Called another moving company that was able to give me a 7-9am (2hr) window on Easter Sunday for the same price. So that’s pretty cut and dry. Kinda glad they didn’t show up. Their main phone number I called was answered by a woman driving in her call who had me wait while she pulled over. The other company had a professional office staff… and hold music.

— Hanson W. —
Dallas, TX

I have the best movers ever!!! The guy what i think is military but i forgot the name (leader), henry and Chris make my move to easy !!! They have control to everything!! To quick and best mover skills to wrap my furniture!!!!

Tnks AM moving

— Amber M. —
North Dallas, Dallas, TX

Even though the movers did a good job relatively. Our table & lamp shade were completely broken. The movers has assured us that is going to be a reimbursement. Unfortunately the owner ( manager) totally dismissed it .he didn’t take responsibility for the damage after weeks of sending pics back & forth. He didn’t even try to ask his employees to investigate the situation, he just ignored it. Their big truck needed a jump in the middle of move & my husband had to take them to get a jumper. We paid them good money & tips . The manager doesn’t know how to keep their customers happy. I never use their services again. I don’t recommend this company to anyone .

— Paige D. —
Plano, TX

Very unhelpful. We had our move scheduled for over a month on Saturday at 9 am, and I confirmed the move the week prior. On the day of the move, they did not arrive at the scheduled time. They arranged for another moving company that was not available until 2pm. They did not provide help with compensating us for lost time.

— Chen C. —
Fitchburg, WI

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