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Moving Checklist

Reliable Moving Tips
  1. It is about time to arrange all your records including your medical and office documents. If you have kids organize all their medical and school files.
  2. Make sure all your documents are arranged, and nothing is missing.
  3. Get rid of all those items that you might not need anymore, at least till the moving.
  4. Check your new place carefully, to see if your furniture fits.
  5. Try to use all the items in your fridge so that you can have a fresh grocery in your new home. Also, you will have any fear of your food going stale.
  1. Order the moving essentials like cartons, wrappers and packing tape.
  2. Start packing with the less used items.
  3. Start packing the storage room and other unused furniture.
  4. Don’t forget to label the boxes.
  1. Apply for a change of address at the post office, banks, newspapers and filling stations.
  2. Maintain a checklist of your items to be packed.
  3. Check if you have any items for sale. It will help you to get rid of unused items and earn some extra bucks in your pocket.
  4. Create a list of nearby market and stores form your new place.
  5. Create a list of recreational places and parks.
  1. Pack your all clothes and stuff in suitcases.
  2. Pack your private stuff in a hand carry bag.
  3. Also, pack a bag of essentials that might be needed immediately after moving including bedsheets, medications, towels, utensils, toilet paper, and cleaning supplies.
  4. Empty your refrigerator at least 36 hours before moving.
  5. If you are moving somewhere far, get your car services and travel essentials packed.
  6. Shut down all the external services like gardener etc.
  7. Label all your cartons and boxes.
  8. Verify all your stuff is packed and nothing is left behind.
  9. Take a relief and be relaxed with the moving process.
  10. Most importantly confirm the moving date from the moving company.
  11. Last, take a day to visit your neighbors and bid farewell to them.

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