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There is no fixed formula to decide that how much time it will take to move as there are several factors that account for it. Also, not everyone has the same moving circumstances. Therefore, relative timing can be calculated but not a fix one. These are the following factors that can help to find approximate time to move.

  • Number of boxes
  • Quantity and type of furniture
  • Amount of unpacked stuff
  • Elevator size
  • Hallway size
  • Number of flight of stairs
  • Time to assemble and disassemble
  • Truck location. The closer it is lesser the time it will take to load.

While planning a move, it is essential to check if the cost and time of your move are close to the usual move or not. To find out the average move the best way is to take the average of a full house move and furniture move. Here is the list for you to calculate your approximate time of move.

If you do not have something that can get damaged or broken, you can just save your time, cost, number of boxes, and lots of space in the truck by not emptying those drawers and cupboards. However, it is recommended to lock the doors and drawers carefully so that they do not open while moving.

Average Moving Time
  Time Person
Studio/ 1 Bedroom (600sf) 2-3 Hours 2 Movers
2 Bedrooms (800sf) 3-5 Hours 2-3 Movers
3 Bedrooms (1300sf) 4-6 Hours 2-3 Movers
4 Bedrooms (1800sf) 6-8 Hours 3-4 Movers
5 Bedrooms (2000+sf) 8-10 Hours 4-5 Movers

Yes, we do provide moving insurance but with some conditions mentioned on our moving insurance page. However, to give an overview, as suggested by the state law, we offer shipping insurance of $0.60 per pound. For cargo moving $25,000 is covered up for complete loss of the cargo and general liability covers up to $1,000,000.

Our time starts from the moment we reach at the pickup point until the moment we unload the last box at your new location. We usually do charge both hourly and flat rates but in case of long distance moving only flat rates are available. To get a complete view of our long distance moving contacts us right now.

Yes, we do assemble and disassemble furniture with the move that too for free. However, it will add extra time to the move.

Our both moves be it flat or hourly, includes trucks, dollies, plastic wrap, assembling tools, furniture pads, straps and more. It should be noted that hour and flat rate both do not include boxes and packing paper as it is the part of our packing and unpacking service.

We do move small pianos, but it is much better to inform us the size of the piano as we contact external piano movers for bigger pianos. We do move gun safes. However, it is better to discuss it with us over the phone or email.

Yes, we do allow our customers to cancel their booking, but they need to inform us at least 72 hours prior so that we can refund their deposited amount of $75.

Yes, we do not move, pets, plants, guns, ammunition, decayed items or anything that can cause a fire.

No, it is not necessary to tip the movers, in case anyone does the act is highly appreciated.

Well, it entirely depends on the clients. However, good practice calls for $5 to $10 an hour per mover. Otherwise, polite and responsive behavior with the movers is also a tip to make their day.

For all the local moves in Dallas and Fort Worth area, it is necessary to have a minimum of two hours.

We always make our best efforts not to damage or lose any of the client’s stuff. If something like this happens, you can claim it within the three days of the move. To make a claim email us the description and damage stuff pictures. .

Yes, the Reliable moving company is licensed and insured for your protection.

You first need to make a 75 dollar deposit via credit card to book us for the move. The remaining amount can be transferred in any form including, cash, check, money order, credit card or debit card. In case your employer is going to pay your move, please keep an invoice ready to avoid any payment hassle. Still, you have any other payment option we can discuss it over the phone.

The best time to move is the start or mid of the month as most of the people tend to move at the end of the month (peak season) as people tend to avoid next month’s rent. To get a quick and peaceful move, it is recommended to move at 11 in the morning as traffic is low and you can have the whole day to sort things out.

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